FrequentlyAsked Questions

Koocanusa Village is a lakeside family community in a spectacular natural setting.

Can I build a house right away?

Yes, with the required permits from the Regional District of East Kootenay you can build immediately.

Is there a building scheme?

Yes. The Building Scheme and Design Guideline is registered against the title to each lot and sets out the design considerations and approval process to allow construction to begin.

Is there a building timeline? If so, how long do I have to build?

Building commitments do not currently exist.

Is there enough power and sewer for the development?

Yes, the sewer system is functioning and currently services the existing houses in Koocanusa Village. It is designed to accommodate 1,000 homes. Power is supplied by a brand new three-phase service which is of adequate capacity to service the entire development of 1,000 homes.

When will the marina be built?

The marina exists with 90 slips and will be expanded and improved as demand requires.

Can you purchase a marina slip or are they leased?

Marina slips can be rented by lot owners, but not purchased. We have adequate marina space to develop approximately 800 slips. Priority will be given to owners of lots in Koocanusa Village. We intend on producing adequate numbers of boat slips to provide a boat slip for the majority, if not all, lot owners.

How much will a marina slip cost?

In 2018 the rental is $1,500/season or $210/week or $40/day with priority given to KV owners.

What other amenities are planned?

A community centre, sports fields, restaurant and pub, gas station, coffee shop and grocery store. 2018 is our first season of ownership, so we will not have time to produce the beginning of the amenities. We will focus on the operation of the marina and store for this season.

Is there a schedule for construction of those amenities?

They will be developed as project growth demands.

How much are the strata fees and what do they include?

The 2018 charge is $200 per year.  That includes a basic budget of insurance and property management. Additional charges require approval by the Strata Council.

I see there is a rent charge, what does that include?

Annual rent charges exist for water and sewer. Current annual fees are $1,440 per year with a building permit and $1,008 pre permit.

Are there any other fees or monthly costs?

There is  a charge to allow the Community Association to collect dues. This is registered on title to the lot. The 2018 annual fee was $100.

What are the anticipated taxes on the purchase price?

In BC the taxes include 5% GST and a BC Property Transfer Tax of 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the remaining balance of the purchase price.

When does the lake become boat-able?

Typically mid June.

How long does the season last?

Four months.

Is there a boat launch?

Yes. There is a boat launch at the marina for KV owners.

If I don’t own a lakefront lot how do I access the beach?

By pedestrian access corridors.

If I own a lakefront lot can I have my own dock?

Private docks are not permitted.

Is there cell phone service and Wi-Fi?

Yes. Cell phone service and Wi-Fi are provided by third party suppliers.

Can I store my boat or RV on my property?

Yes, subject to limitations set out in the Statutory Building Scheme.

Are there pet restrictions?

No. They must be controlled and owner must clean up after them.

Do you have a list of builders?

We strongly recommend using New Dawn Development from Cranbrook. www.newdawndevelopments.com or call 250-489-1519

Are prefab or manufactured homes permitted?

Yes. Please review the Design Guidelines, Statutory Building Scheme and Zoning Bylaw.

There were issues with the previous developer. Does he have anything to do with Koocanusa Village?

No, the previous developer went into foreclosure in 2016 and is completely removed from the project and ownership. The current owner is KV Properties Inc. That is the name that will appear on the titles to all lots offered for sale. We are capitalized to develop the project to full completion.