NEW! Crystal Lake Interior Lots now available

June 11, 2023  

The first release of properties at KV’s new Crystal Lake subdivision are ready for you! Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting addition to Koocanusa Village living.

Located in the centre of the development, the freshwater lake will remain at the same level year-round. Grass, sand, trees and parkland will enhance the beauty of this development, and pathways will connect the South Marina to North Beach, with picnic areas along the central corridor.

How many lots will be available at Crystal Lake?
There are 140 lots in a combination of lakefront, park front and back lots to accommodate a variety of price points. You can start building on your lot as early as this fall!

What activities can we expect to do on the lake?
In summer there will be swimming, paddle boarding and canoeing/kayaking. In winter, lace up your skates for a glide across the ice.

What will the park at Crystal Lake offer?
There will be a playing field for impromptu games of soccer or frisbee with your family, a picnic area and washrooms to be located at the proposed North Beach recreational area.

Who can use Crystal Lake?
The lake and surrounding parkland are for the use of all residents of KV. Whether enjoying a change of pace from boating on the big lake, or making the most of late season weather after the level of the Kooc has gone down, we know Crystal Lake will be a year-round gathering spot for families.

Will there be a beach on the lake?
Yes! In fact, there’ll be two beaches – one at either end of Crystal Lake. As well, there will be a slip of sand and grass about 15 metres wide around the entire lake – perfect for laying out your towels and coolers for a day of swimming and sunning.

How is the lake formed?
The lakebed is lined with sand, covered with a welded rubber liner and topped with additional sand to create a body of water approximately 600 metres long and 60 metres wide. That’s equivalent to about six football fields in length, so there’s plenty of room for everyone! At 2.5 metres deep, the lake is designed for swimming in the summer and skating in the winter.

Where does the water come from for this lake?
Water comes from two certified freshwater wells which will recycle the entire volume of the lake every 30 days so it remains fresh. Water flows in to the north end and is pumped out at the south end to be used for irrigation of the common areas in the development so that no water is wasted.

Ready to learn more?
We expect these lots to move quickly, so if you’re interested in a tour or to see what’s available, get in touch soon via email at [email protected] or call 250-278-1444.

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