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March 22, 2021  

Nestled in the heart of Lake Koocanusa in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, Koocanusa Village (KV) is a unique 170-acre development of lake-accessible properties surrounded by stunning mountain vistas, just 3.5 hours from Calgary.

If you’ve ever wanted to escape the city and enjoy life on the lake, this is your moment. Secure your lot, select your house, and begin building memories in your home away from home. 

When new owners took over KV in the fall of 2018, it was clear they had to address some challenges that would be essential for the community to progress. “As a priority, we had to focus on critical infrastructure issues,” says Reto Barrington, president of KV Properties Inc. “While this work isn’t the most glamourous, it was important to get it right so we could move KV forward to its next chapter.” The new team got to work immediately and over the past two years, they have been laying the foundation for the next phase of the development. 

Now, with a solid foundation underfoot, the team is excited to unveil the next round of improvements planned for KV. “With foundational work completed, we are now able to move into a new exciting phase,” says Barrington. “We are thrilled to bring these improvements forward and are confident that they will upgrade the community both in function and beauty.” 

KV Phase 2021

Our next addition to the multi-use area in the heart of KV launches this spring! The next phase of lakeside living includes an upgraded community beach area, modernized marina store, 200 new trees, a container style food court, and improved parking and circulation at Marina Point—all introduced in parallel with the launch of our new communities for 2021.

 “The development has a new look since the early design renderings,” says Barrington. “We are focusing our design efforts for KV to integrate into its natural beautiful surroundings.” 

Barrington adds, “This development is unique to the Kootenay region, but is exactly in line with the forward-looking approach that’s guided development since we took over the project. We are trying to be responsive to the evolving needs of the neighbourhoods which we want to build with an approach that is mindful of our residents’ needs—both now and into future.”    

“We’ve purposefully re-designed this community with acres of greenspace and lakeside amenities, extending the new vision for this transformational community.”

New Neighbourhoods and Properties Available

With the KV revitalization project well underway, aspiring residents have a variety of options to make a home here, whether you’re looking for big summer fun or a four-season getaway to make lifelong memories with friends and family. 

With in excess of 80 homes already completed or under construction, we have new opportunities to own a piece of the community as it continues to grow. 

Marina Point 

After a successful launch of the Lakeside Lots at Marina Point last summer we sold all 11 lots in less than 60 days. Within Marina Point we also developed five lots that face the Marina and which boast direct water access and boat mooring options. Walkout basement designs will be the dominant style for these lots. They are also adjacent to the evolving community beach area at the north end of the Marina.

Marina Estates

This new neighbourhood includes 11 Marina Front Lots that also will have direct water access and boat mooring options. We intend on improving the waterfront with a continuous beach in front of each lot for private use of the lot owner. The grading of these lots lends itself to walkout basement development.

The second product in this area includes 10 large lots on the uphill side of the Marina Front lots. These lots slope gently upward in elevation from the road serving the neighbourhood.

Lakeview Terrace (2nd phase)

We are releasing 23 estate lots in the second phase of this neighbourhood. The dominant and inescapable characteristic of all for these lots will be 270 degree unobstructed views. Also, these lots will have a significantly wider frontage to allow for plenty of room for garage development and walkout basement style development.

“We are excited to be able to finally start to reveal the outlines of our vision in such a way as to make it easy to understand,” says Barrington. “We continue to focus on value and quality as the cornerstones of our community and will strive to continue the positive trend of this outstanding development.”

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