Major improvements coming to Koocanusa Village

March 26, 2019  

Waster water treatment, paving, tree planting and geo-technical remediation

Koocanusa Village residents will see continued investment and progress on infrastructure improvements under the new ownership team of KV Properties. Projects with the highest priority will begin later this spring.

“We are excited to move forward with important projects for current and future residents of Koocanusa Village that will improve their standard of living,” said Reto Barrington, President of KV Properties. “After purchasing the property at the end of last year, we knew significant investments were required in the development. Over the past six months, we have been planning and laying the groundwork for these investments and we are now making good on those commitments that will have far-reaching benefits.”    

These projects include the remediation of the wasterwater treatment plant, paving of the main access road, tree planting and geo-technical work on bench lots (832).

The current wastewater collection system functions by collecting and removing effluent by pump truck. KV Properties will be completing the commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant this spring, which will mean the end of pump trucks and the beginning of treating all effluent onsite. 

We are targeting July 2019 as completion date for this work.

KV Properties will be completing the paving of the main access road from the current end of pavement to the cul de sac at the entry to strata 771. This work is targeted for completion in July 2019.

KV Properties has been sourcing large numbers of coniferous and deciduous trees to upgrade the landscaping along the entry road. We intend on planting roughly 1,000 trees this spring to begin the process of landscaping the project. As a result, we can offer very favourable pricing for trees to the existing strata councils or individuals wishing to improve their landscaping in KV. More information on this program will be communicated by newsletter once details are confirmed.

As owner of 11 of the 35 front bench lots in strata 832 which require remedial geotechnical work, KV Properties has worked with the Geotechnical Subcommittee of Strata 832 to complete design of the remedial work to this area. This will consist of removing the top layer of soils on the mid-terrace bench and reinstalling it with proper compaction under engineering supervision.

The design is out for refined costing at present. Once costing is confirmed, we will be commencing the remediation with the expectation that work will be completed by mid-summer.

Since KV Properties took ownership of the development at the end of 2018, progress has already been seen through other projects including utility audit, survey mapping, marina licensing, debris clean up and hydro seeding in common areas. We will continue to communicate with the community as projects unfold.  

Click here to see more details on the long-term vision of the development.

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